VibropunctureVibropuncture is a new form of vibrational acupuncture developed by Eclectic Healing Arts. It is a non-contact medium, using tiny gold rods and crystals that are held at various distances from the skin (usually between one inch and several feet away from the body). This advanced technique is currently only available at Eclectic Healing Arts.

Vibropuncture works to harmonize the acupuncture points and channels and also to resident frequencies in the biofield around the human body. It has been applied very effectively for a wide range of medical and psychological conditions including chronic pain, anxiety and depression. Vibropuncture also works together with Micro-nutrient therapy and Far Infra-Red to help heal serious medical problems and Immune System imbalances.

vibropuncture meridianAcupuncture has existed for thousands of years and involves the insertion of tiny needles into points on the skin to stimulate healing. The medical theory that the ancient Chinese developed was that currents of Life Force Energy (Qi) flow through these channels, leading into the major organs such as lungs, liver, kidneys and heart. Along these channels specific junctures occur where acupuncture needles are inserted. These “points” are waystations on the line of the channel where the Life Force Energy swirls and accumulates. This accounts for their curative influence when stimulated: ie. Energy is dispersed from these points and sent through the invisible circuitry of the body to replenish and restore it.

The reason this works is because all of our anatomical and physiological systems are ultimately dependent on this Energy. This ancient concept has obviously been validated by quantum physics yet, oddly enough, is still mostly rejected by mainstream medicine as unproven or placebo.

Despite this closed-mindedness on the part of conventional medicine, evidence for the physical existence of acupuncture meridians was first produced in Korea by Dr. King Bong Han, who injected P32, a phosphorous isotope, into a rabbit's acupoint, and then used a microautoradiographic technique to demonstrate the amatomical existence of very fine micro-tubules through which the radioactive isotope could be seen to pass. Dr. Kim was the first researcher to show us an Internal Duct System identical with the meridians spoken of in Chinese medicine. (1)

IonosphereWe now know that we live in a universe composed of innumerable waveforms intermingling with unbelievable complexity. The bio-electrical channels in our bodies are conditioned by interactions with the planetary magnetosphere and ionosphere — and also by the atmospheric cavity between the Earth surface and its ionosphere housing the Schumann resonance. Nowadays, vast interference factors caused by microwave and radiowave emissions, as well as multiple EMF pollution from a barrage of hi-tech appliances, cell phones and radiation have seriously affected the innate homeostatic health of our bio-electrical conduits which the early Chinese physicians first mapped out at a time when humans lived in greater harmony with Nature.

Ancient doctor-seers from India and Tibet, on the other hand, perceived and mapped out the electro-magnetic fields surrounding the human body. This complex interface down-regulates cosmic energies into our neuro-endocrine systems, interfusing with the Chinese meridians.

globeLate twentieth century research by Lawrence Badgeley, MD determined that acupuncture points involve ionic efflux streaming out of the body lin swirling mini-vortices, and that these efflux structures can be directly influenced by magnets or crystals held in the vicinity of their extra-physical location (2). A form of non-contact acupuncture has also developed in Japan called Toyohari (3). In the United States, Dr. Nicholas Corrin developed a new, enhanced form of acupuncture called Vibropuncture. Instead of needles being inserted,Vibropuncture uses very slim gold -plated rods, crystal vectors or meteorite fragments which are held close to the acupuncture points within the frame of the effux vortices, or at specific stratum levels within the patient's electromagnetic field. With a Vibropuncture treatment, the Chinese acupuncture points are initially stimulated and harmonized before the electro-magnetic field of the patient gets treated by the doctor who moves around the patient in clockwise or anti-clockwise sequences.

What Can I Hope To Gain From VIBROPUNCTURE Treatment?

The benefits of Vibropuncture include:

AuraPeople suffering from a range of chronic problems often find their symptoms clearing with a series of Vibropuncture treatments. Vibropuncture is extremely effective in healing trauma on both physical and emotional levels. Because it can interface with the many levels of subtle frequencies emitted by our bodies, this advanced form of contemporary, non-contact acupuncture can re-calibrate the body with the unconscious mind and with stored up emotional holding patterns. Vibropuncture can also improve the bio-availability of nutrients such as amino-acids within the metabolic system, and improve circulation of key cytokines and immune cells through the bloodstream. Acupoints themselves have been shown to contain very high concentrations of endorphins along with DNA, RNA, and numerous essential hormones (4). The extraordinary energetic stimulation generated by Vibropuncture causes these vital fluid concentrations to be led into cell membranes and nuclei to enhance phospholipid and DNA restoration and repair. Because the physical body is never touched and the patient is not required to disrobe, the sessions are pain free and involve no penetration of skin barriers. At the same time, patients will often experience strong flows of Vital Energy pulsing through their bodies. These sensations can be very pleasant and sometimes also assist in the recollection of forgotten or buried thoughts and emotions, and in the restoration of self-esteem.


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