Emma, Seattle:

Emma's knee before treatment

For years I suffered from a mysterious ailment in my knee which caused it to swell and ache for no apparent reason. It interfered with everything: my yoga practice, riding my bike, even walking. At certain points I actually had to crawl or use a wheelchair. I saw more doctors than I can count, desperately grasping at anything I thought might work to fix it. I finally lost hope when an arthritis doctor prescribed a high doasge of steriods that gave me all the negative side effects, but no relief.

I was referred to Nicolas and in our very first session he completely drained my knee of the excess fluid - not only without heavy drugs or invasive procedures (both of which I had tried before) but without even touching my body. Gently and patiently, Nicolas has healed my knee to the condition it was in before.

Emma's knee after treatment
He has also taught me more about my body and this particular sensitive area, giving me a greater awareness and understanding of how to care for it in the future.

I cannot say enough positive things about Nicolas as a physician. The worst thing about being hurt was not the physical pain, but the sadness and despir I felt about my condition. My knee is now strong, flexible and functional, but, more importantly, I feel confident and hopeful about being able to use it for a long time. I am eternally grateful to have my body and my life back. Thank you thank you!

Marjorie Burden, Renton, WA

I am a 53 year old female teacher and musician. In July 2001, these are the health issues I presented to Mr. Corrin: Carpal Tunnel syndrome on both wrists; beginning stage Reverse Trigger Thumb on both hands; unexplained weight gain of 22 pounds over the previous three months; chronic severe bronchitis and laryngitis; recent unexplained puffiness around veins of left shoulder arm and hand. All seven issues have been totally resolved/healed. I am eternally grateful for Mr. Corrin’s knowledge, expertise and his kindness.

Jennifer Beem, Seattle, WA

When I first met Nicholas Corrin, L.Ac., I had been isolated to my bed for two and a half months. For seven years I had struggled to find a cure for my migraines. I jumped from MD to MD as my condition escalated to a debilitating daily concern. My doctors had run out of treatment options. I practically crawled into Nicholas’ office on that first visit because my body was so weak. He changed my life that first visit. Nicholas taught me that health is a complex thing. His method of healing is a combination of teaching his patients as well as healing them directly. He quickly determined the energetic meridians that were blocked in my body and worked with acupuncture and other energetic healing methods to balance my energy. Headaches do not control my life anymore…I have not taken any pain killers in over a year and I have never felt better. I have Nicholas to thank for my deeper understanding of all this as well as the improvement in my daily life.

Stephanie Hager, Seattle, WA

Nicholas Corrin has done nothing short of change my life. He was able to identify long-held psychological and emotional patterns right away and to approach these on an energetic level first, through methods like acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage. For me, it really worked to start things shifting before trying to talk much about it. Nicholas is gentle yet direct and has so much knowledge in a number of different disciplines, combined with his own intuition, that I have never felt we couldn’t keep things moving in the right direction. I have spent time in traditional psychotherapy and simply haven’t found it to be as effective as Nicholas’ holistic approach.

J.P., Seattle, WA

I came to see Nicholas Corrin for help with alcohol dependency. The treatment was multidimensional, including dialogue, herbs, acupuncture and vibrational methods. The effects have been subtle yet profound. My alcohol dependency has diminished, anxiety reduced, self esteem/self-acceptance improved.

M. Johnson, Seattle, WA

My work with Nicholas led to a previously unimagined deepening of my self-knowledge, and ultimately to beginning the healing of the spiritual wound that was the source of my recurrent depression. His sensitivity to the languages of the body’s tissues allows Nicholas to apply with intuitive precision the modality of treatment (acupuncture, herbs, touch, light and sound therapies, etc.) most effective for treating one’s needs, which change with the progress of healing.

Chris G, Seattle WA

In 2005, after being wow'd by Nicholas Corrin at an energy workshop, I went to see him for help with depression.  I'd liked the idea that he worked with light and sound in his therapy, as well as acupunture, herbal medicine and other non-traditional methods.  Nicholas helped me use my own body, mind and energies to replace anti-depressant drugs and to lift me out of the dark space.  With his compassionate and gentle manner, he taught me profound techniques for identifying and balancing my mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual states.  I still see Nicholas for tune-ups and feel so fortunate to have found him.  I recommend Nicholas highly for anyone wanting to try acupuncture and vibrational/energy medicine.  Please do.  Once you try it, you will, like me, be convinced.

JB, Federal Way

I had been to chiropractors, a massage therapist, and a physical therapist for several months after an auto accident. However, I'd say my healing only took off after my first visit with Nicholas. I was shocked at how he was able relieve my back pain so quickly without even touching me. His specialized Vibropuntuncture technique is one of a kind. It is such a relief now to be able to walk around with no more pain in my back and legs.

H. Kim, Bellevue, WA

I have suffered from unipolar depression and anemia related to an auto-immune disorder called alpha thalassemia. I'd heard from a colleague of mine at work who had been to see Nicholas Corrin that going there had helped her get rid of chronic infections and allergies. Nicholas has the most gentle energy and works in a different way that I can't really explain because the needles he uses don't even touch you! The results I experienced have also been far more effective than from any naturopath that I have seen. Most important of all, I have understood the importance of self love from his guidance. Nicholas has brought me closer to my own spirit than any therapist that I have been to.

I.J., Bellevue, WA

I was diagnosed with fibromylagia and then Chronic Fatigue syndrome about five years ago. These debilitating conditions have affected just about all aspects of my well-being on many levels, including my marriage and relationship with my kids. Last year I overcame my resistance, and went to see Nicholas after a friend of mine had very strongly recommended it. Actually, I went in there feeling pretty skeptical, since I had not gotten much lasting relief from most of the naturopathic treatments or body work I'd had over the years. To be honest, I didn't really believe I was going to get better. But pretty soon Nicholas was able to make me feel these clear sensations of energy moving inside my body. It was very weird at first but kind of exciting too, and it gave me hope because I soon started to feel lighter and sort of connected inside. I started to feel more “zip” in the mornings, and my kids told me so straight away! I soon felt my body became less painful and clogged up. I wasn't dragging myself around any more. Soon after, I could go back to work which had not been possible for months. I have great respect and am very grateful for his work, he has really brought health and light back into my life!