Energy body

Holistic Medicine

Madonna of Medicine is both a science and an art. Today, our society spends a great deal of money on new research into molecular biology, genetics and bio-physics. This constantly updates us with more information. But how well does all this expensive research information really heal us of our modern illnesses and diseases? Any true art of healing consists in wisely combining all available knowledge, and using only what is most natural and organic. This is an art that is more complex than anything studied in a laboratory. Only a holistic approach that still views the body as an integrated system can bring about genuine healing.

Holistic medicine recognizes the Earth and the Cosmos as living beings, of which we are but a small part. All life and all living beings share a common root and ancestry. True healing reveres the shared energies flowing through the Universe, and includes all creatures.

Eclectic Healing Arts treats people by restoring their Life Force. Illness means that this Life Force has either been blocked or damaged, or thrown out of balance. Once the Life Force has been renewed, the Immune System, Endocrine System, Central Nervous System, Autonomic Nervous System and Metabolic Systems of the body can begin to function normally. In this way, even serious and life threatening diseases that have not responded to conventional treatments can be reversed.