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Acupuncture as we know it today derives from ancient Chinese medicine, and from such texts as the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine (attributed to the Emperor Huang Di in the mid 3rd millenium BC) and the Nan Jing (25-220 CE). In ancient India and in its medical system of Ayurveda, energy points were also discovered all over the body and these were called marmas. Just as Buddhism spread from India through China and into other Asian countries, so did many medical and philosophical ideas. The Japanese later developed their own schools of acupuncture based upon their own empirical experiences and interpretations of the classic texts.

What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a component of Oriental medicine that combines with herbs and other therapies to treat internal medicine problems.

Acupuncture really does not treat the physical body, it treats the energy flowing through the body, or the “energy body”.

Why Does Acupuncture Use Needles?

The needles function as antennae to attract and re-direct flows of energy.

Although acupuncture seems to rely on needles, this is not actually the case. At Eclectic Healing Arts, we have developed a needle-free, non-contact form of acupuncture called Vibropuncture.

How Is It Possible To Perform Acupuncture Without Needles?

Because the needles themselves are simply crude devices customarily used to influence energy flows. These energy flows can be more effectively guided from outside the body at precise locations using precious metals, meteorites or crystal rods.

Most people assume that the energy channels spoken of in Chinese medicine run exclusively within the physical body. This is actually neither true nor accurate. Actually, they also stream through a space outside the immediate physical body in the adjacent electromagnetic field, or aura. In effect, they exist in hyperspace, which means that acupuncture can even be performed at distances of thousands of miles, in real time and with immediate beneficial effects on the patient.

How Will An Acupuncture Treatment At Eclectic Healing Arts Differ From A Conventional One?

Are There Any Risks Associated With This Type Of Acupuncture?

Absolutely not. It is completely safe. There is no damage to the skin, and no negative side effects.

What Kind Of Conditions Can Be Helped By These Treatments?

This type of acupuncture is excellent for:

Is There A Connection Between This Type Of Acupuncture And Other Energy Medicine?

Certainly, it all links up at a deeper, holistic level. There is a compatability with advanced Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing, Universal Lattice Calibration and other forms of subtle energy medicine.

Is There Any Scientific Theory Or Evidence To Explain These Phenomena?

Of course. Theoretical physics has incorporated the principles of non-locality and entanglement theory into its post-quantum paradigm. There is ongoing research into the phenomenology of consciousness and intention as it pertains to physical reality.

Important books on this subject include:

“We touch heaven when we lay our hand on a human body.”