Qi Gong

There are two kinds of Qi Gong we use in Eclectic Healing Arts:

Qi GongHealing energy radiates from a healer's hands when the healer has a clear heart and intention. This is essentially the same in all traditions. It is like the energy of the sun within the heart of the healer, streaming out towards the patient, to assist the patient. It is not exactly the healer's own energy. It is the ability of the healer to be present to the energy of the universe, and to allow it to pass through.

The Qi can be amplified through the use of crystals or meteorites, which gather it up and fortify it within the patient's field, directing it through the patient's body.

Qi is emitted in this way into the patient's acupuncture points, meridians and energy body. Qi can be sent directly into the vital organs, bones or brain to nourish them.

What Kinds Of Excercises Are Given To Patients?

The Qi Gong exercises involve slow, gentle movements, breathing and visualization. Sometimes they are performed standing, sometimes seated, and sometimes lying down. These exercises have all been devised by Qi Gong masters trained in China, and most of them have been used extensively in hospitals or clinics to help with a variety of conditions from kidney disease to cancer. Generally, the patient will need to set aside twenty minutes twice a day to do these practices. The results can be extremely beneficial if the practice is sustained regularly over a period of time.

What Are Some Of The Health Conditions Qi Gong Can Help With?

“We touch heaven when we lay our hand on a human body.”
— Novalis