Energy body


energetic physiology The holistic medicine we provide is based on ongoing research into new health modalities, instruments and products. It is also deeply rooted in reverence for the living Earth, and respect for all people. We constantly seek to combine healing methods that can produce the most effective synergy for any individual patient.

These techniques are all grounded in a meta-logic of energetic physiology. The vibrational basis common to energy-biology interactions is currently the subject of ongoing scientific investigation, especially in the field of bio-physics, where the energetic and quantum nature of medicine is starting to be examined, and the effects of spin dynamics on biological systems are being studied.

We consider human medicine to be inseparable from our loving care for the environment and for the planet as a whole. Indeed, much of the chronic disease that affects us today can be traced back to our neglect for the living earth, the Gaia.

This understanding of the Earth as a living system provides the theoretical foundation for all our therapies. By re-connecting and re-calibrating the human biofield with these environing natural and cosmic fields, health can be restored at multiple levels.