Crystal Healing

CosmosWe use crystals in treatment to amplify and to attune bio-electrical energy flows. Any crystalline structure is composed of highly organized molecules. The human body has crystalline aspects too, for example in portions of the ethmoid bone. Organized strata of hydrogen bonds in extracellular fluids also constitute liquid crystals in the human body. These lie adjacent to myelin sheaths protecting axons and their levels of organization are consistent with states of health. Such organized lines of hydrogen bonds can become scrambled or disorganized in states of ill-health. Both crystals and magnets have the capacity to re-organize hydrogen bonds in liquid crystal structures in our bodies.

How Do Crystals Work?

When cystals are placed in positions adjacent to acupuncture points, they strongly regulate energy flows within the body. They help remove stagnant energy and induct fresh energy. In this way, they can heal areas of pain, congestion and inflammation. Presumably, by their influence upon liquid crystal structures and hydrogen bonds, they can bring order into areas that have become dis-ordered at an energetic level.

What Kinds Of Crystals Are Used?

Different crystals have different properties and influences. For example, Tiger Iron is very beneficial for energizing the blood, the bones and the adrenals. It has an affinity with acupuncture point Hui Yin (Ren 1), and with the Root Chakra. When aimed at these areas, the person will quickly feel a sense of vitality spreading through their pelvis and thighs. Crocoite has an affinity with Ren 4 and Ren 6 acupuncture points, and with the Sacral chakra. When aimed here, the person will start to feel more fluid, with an elevated mood and a sudden sense of happiness infusing them.

Meteorites And Magnets

We also use meteorites and magnets in conjunction with crystals. Meteorites contain iron and other metallic components which have developed crystalline structures due to the immensely slow cooling process these metals underwent as the meteors hurtled through space. Meteorites interact with acupuncture points also because any metal alloy has a certain electrical potential and can function as a mini battery. In this way, meteorites, crystals and magnets can re-energize and harmonize bodily symptoms through the acupuncture meridians and the chakras: through the right angle law of induction, any electrical charge will generate a magnetic field at a 90 degree (perpendicular to it), and vice versa.

How Can Crystals And Meteorites Help My Condition?

Many physical and psychological issues stem from a subtle “chaotic” body-mind state, where micro-signals that, in a normal state of health, would be fluid and harmonious, have gradually become disordered, or else have remained stuck in detrimental loops, like robotic synapses. Crystals, meteorites and magnets exert a beneficial influence upon the body's innate intelligence, re-routing stuck energies and loop patterns.