Auto Accidents

CartoonRoads are dangerous places, and auto accidents are commonplace. Even if the injuries sustained are not serious, the accident typically causes considerable stress and strain to the cervical spine and the lumbar back. Whiplash is very common, as the head is jerked forward and then snapped swiftly backwards. Sometimes this whiplash action also involves a torque to the right or the left.

Delayed Symptoms

After a road accident, we do not always feel pain right away. Often, it seems as though very little has occurred, yet symptoms will gradually show up later. This is because, after impact, the body shifts into a “nervous holding pattern”, which causes muscular tension and vascular constriction, both eventually leading towards chronic pain. Such pain can last for years if not treated.


Treatment for auto-injuries can be rapid and effective. A special kind of Japanese acupuncture using ion pumping cards is usually indicated for whiplash. Vibropuncture (acupuncture without needles) using crystals is marvelously effective for pains anywhere in the body. In addition, we provide heat therapy, ultrasound, infrasound and oriental massage therapy.


Auto accidents are typically covered by PI plans offered by major insurance companies such as State Farms, Farmers and Geico. Such plans allow for treatment protocols involving acupuncture. We accept these types of plans at Eclectic Healing Arts.